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leekspin's Journal

Orihime Inoue
3 September
This is not a real journal. Or rather, not a journal of a real person.

This is a collection of thoughts and ponderings from Orihime Inoue, played at thewake_rp. Orihime also occasionally dabbles in romancedressing, if you ever feel that you'd like to try out a 'ship that has no impact on the game itself. I love gushy things.


Wake Wiki: http://thewake.wikidot.com/orihime-inoue


Name: Blue Sky Bakery
Location: Northern District

--Cake Flavors and Fillings--

1. Blue Sky Special (Layers of White Cake and Flaky Phyllo Dough, Filled with Sweet Bean Paste and Bananas, Drizzled with Chocolate Ganache - An Orihime Original!)
2. Champagne-Strawberries & Cream Cake
3. Raspberry Cake with Lime Cream Filling
4. Strawberries and Cream Cake
5. Mandarin-Orange Cake
6. Blood Orange Cake
7. Amaretto
8. Chocolate-Amaretto
9. Wild Strawberry Cake
10. Italian Cream Cake
11. Chocolate Italian Cream
12. Red Velvet Cake
13. Iccky Red Velvet (Irish Cream Chocolate Layer with a Layer of Red Velvet)
14. Black and White cake (One Layer of Chocolate with a Layer of Italian Cream)
15. Chocolate Mud Cake (Dark or White Chocolate)
16. Hazelnut Cake
17. White Chocolate-Hazelnut
18. Kahlua Mocha Cake
19. Lemon Cake
20. Margarita Cake
21. Tiramisu Cake
22. Chocolate Hazelnut
23. Irishcream-Chocolate-Kahlua Cake
24. Mango Cake
25. Rum Raisin Cake
26. Black Forest Cake
27. Chocolate-Pecan Cake
28. Carrot Cake
29. Carrot-Pineapple Cake
30. Banana Cake
31. Strawberry Cake with Banana Mousse Filling
32. Lemon-Lime Cake
33. Mojito Cake (Mint-Lime)
34. Key Lime Cake
35. Triple Decadence cake
36. Peach Cake
37. Raspberry Cake
38. Chocolate-Raspberry Cake
39. Berry Blast Cake
40. Chocolate-Pear Cake
41. Chocolate-Tangerine Cake
42. Pistachio Cake
43. Pineapple Cake
44. Coconut Cake
45. Pina Colada Cake
46. Chocolate Mint Cake
47. White Chocolate Chestnut Cake

Most Popular Cake Fillings

--- French Vanilla Mousse
--- White or Dark Chocolate Mousse, Truffle Cream Mousse
--- Strawberry Mousse (or Raspberry), Wild Berry Mousse
--- Lemon/Lime/or Key Lime Mousses, Mojito Mousse (Mint-Lime)
--- Mocha Mousse, Chocolate Mocha Mousse
--- Tiramisu Mousse
--- Pistacchio Mousse
--- Vanilla/Rum Mousse
--- Coconut Mousse
--- Cream Cheese Mousse
--- Chocolate-Raspberry mousse
--- Black Cherry Mousse
--- Hazelnut/Praline Mousse
--- Mandarin-Orange Mousse, Orange Mousse, Banana Mousse, Pear Mousse
--- Amaretto Mousse
--- Chestnut Mousse
--- Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse, White Chocolate-Hazelnut Mousse
--- Pineapple Mousse, Pina Colada Mousse
--- Mango Mousse
--- Peach Mousse, Apricot Mousse
--- Almond Mousse, Almond-Roca Mousse, Almond-Honey Mousse
--- Mint Mousse, Chocolate Mint Mousse, Gingerspice Mousse, Pumpkin Mousse